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Vascular Surgery

EndoVascular Surgery is the minimal invasive form of vascular Surgery, it opens up blocked arteries using catheters introduced in the body through small puncture holes, it reaches all areas of the vascular tree in the body.

It became the standard surgical approach to vascular disease. Most of the times it is as effective and sometimes more effective than standard open surgery.

Different types of Catheters are used, depending on the type of blockage and location. ( Balloons, Stents, Atherectomy catheters, laser……)

Advantages of Endovascular as opposed to open Vascular Surgery are:

Small hole vs long traumatic incisions
Local anesthesia vs General Anesthesia
Outpatient same day procedure vs  few days in patient surgery
Minimal blood loss vs signigicant blood loss
Much less infection rate vs higher infection rate
Minimal wound complications vs significant wound complication
Return to normal life immediately vs few weeks recovery period
No pain vs significant post-op pain


Endovascular from Bassam Sayegh on Vimeo.