Patient Education

The Highlights of my practice are: Laparascopic, Single incision and Scarless approaches to many surgical problems.

I perform wide range of surgical services at my facility (Minimal Invasive Surgery Center), also at Jupiter Medical Center and Palm Beach Gardens Hospital so I can meet the specific needs of all my patients.

To learn more, about a specific process, click the list of links below to be taken to that information.

Laparoscopic / Scarless Hernia Surgery

Hernia Surgery have undergone dramatic advances in the last few years, which led to minimal pain, less or no scar, faster recovery, very low recurrence rate.

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

The surgery here is done using 3 small holes through the layers of abdominal wall rather than an incision that requires in addition cutting through 3-4 intact layers and have to suture them back at the conclusion of the procedure.

Scarless Hernia Repair

Some hernias can be repaired without leaving any visible scar, which is so important to certain patients. Not every patient is a candidate for this repair.

Scarless Gallbladder Surgery

True Scarless Gallbladder Surgery, is done using 2 very small holes inside the belly button, leaving no visible scar.

Advantages of this Procedure

  • Less pain
  • Less wound complications
  • Faster Recovery
  • No visible scar (scarless)

Not every patient is candidate for this procedure.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Colon Surgery

This very advanced technique offers the patients who need major colon resection surgery great advantages, including

  • Less Pain
  • Less wound complications
  • Shorter hospital Stay
  • Faster recovery

This approach is used for certain colon conditions such as benign tumors, Cancers, Volvulus….

Robotic Surgery

The Robots in surgery overcomes the limitations of both traditional open surgery and conventional Laparoscopic surgery in certain procedures. The Robot designed to expand the surgeon’s capabilities and offer more possibilities for certain Laparoscopic or major surgery.

With da Vinci, small incisions are used to introduce miniaturized wristed instruments and a high-definition 3D camera. Seated comfortably at the console, the surgeon views a magnified, high-resolution 3D image of the surgical site. And controls the arms of the robot from distance.

Single Incision Robotic Cholecystectomy

This technique offers minimally invasive way to treat difficult conditions of Gallbladder disease.

The Robot has made it possible to offer patients with acute cholecystitis, extensive adhesions, difficult anatomy a laparascopic alternative to the more traumatic open surgery.

Single Incision Robotic Colectomy

The concept of single-incision laparoscopy is a true revolution in minimally invasive surgery and laparoscopic surgery.

The procedure is done through 2.5-3 cm single incision with the help of the Robot.

Advantages of single incision/ Scarless Surgery

  • Less pain
  • Less wound complications
  • Faster Recovery
  • Minimally visible scar (scarless), better cosmesis

Endovascular Surgery

Is the minimal invasive form of vascular surgery, it opens up blocked arteries using catheters introduced in the body through small puncture holes, it reaches all areas of the vascular tree in the body.

It became the standard surgical approach to vascular disease. Most of the times it is as effective and sometimes more effective than standard open surgery.

Different types of Catheters are used, depending on the type of blockage and location.

Varicose Veins Surgery

At our Center, we have up-to-date treatment for all types of varicose veins, we start by thorough evaluation to unreveal the specific cause of the varicosities of each patient, then build a plan that solve the problem.

We use the latest in technology: Laser, Radio-frequency, Sclerotherapy (Injections), and minimal invasive Phlebectomy.


Is Dr. Sayegh Board certified?

Yes, Dr. Bassam Sayegh is Certified by the American Board of Surgery (1987), In addition he is Re-Certified by the American Board of Surgery (1997 and 2007), Recertification is required every 10 years.

How many Surgeries Dr. Sayegh has performed?

Dr Sayegh has been practicing surgery for over 30 years, and he has done an average of 1000 surgeries/year

How long has Dr Sayegh been performing Laparoscopic Surgery?

28 years.

Do I need referral from my Primary Care physician?

Some insurance plans requires referral from your primary care physician before we can provide you with our services, please check the requirements of your insurance plan.